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  • Survey for title transfer
  • Grading and plot plans for pools and new additions
  • Marking property lines for fence construction
  • Subdivision of properties
  • Wetlands permitting
  • Topographic surveys and site plans
  • Variance plans and zoning studies

  • Mortgage surveys
  • A.L.T.A. surveys
  • Metes & Bounds descriptions
  • Survey certificates
  • Flood elevation certificates

  • Monitoring well locations - with GPS
  • Discharge prevention and containment plan - DPCC for NJDEP
  • Drainage and land use plans - DLU for NJDEP
  • Monitoring of horizontal and vertical movements of tanks and bulkheads
  • Containment volume surveys and calculation
  • Topographic surveys and design for site expansions

  • Subdivisions, minor and major
  • Full service site plan design
  • Municipal board presentation
  • Flood Hazard Area / Wetlands permitting
  • Construction layout